Crime Victims Rights

Under the Crime Victims Rights Act of 1985, you have the right to:

  • Be present during the entire trial unless you are to be called as a witness
  • Be free from threats or acts of discharge from your employer because you are subpoenaed or requested by the Court to testify in court
  • Be provided with a waiting area separate from the defendant
  • Consult with the Prosecuting Attorney to give your views about the disposition of this crime
  • Receive the name of a person to contact regarding information about your case

Upon request:

  • Receive notice of any scheduled court proceeding
  • Confer with the Prosecuting Attorney prior to the selection of the jury and trial
  • Receive written notice of the defendant's conviction
  • Have your written impact statement included in the pre-sentence report
  • Make an oral impact statement at the time of sentencing
  • Be notified of the time and place of sentencing