About Us

Animal Control Protects

  • People and property from the dangers of disease and the nuisance of roaming, uncontrolled animals.
  • Pets and wild animals from the many dangers they face in the wild and on the streets.

Animal Problems Begin with People

The health and safety of animals and people are at risk when irresponsible pet owners:

  • Let their pets roam free
  • Fail to observe laws and ordinances
  • Allow their pets to have unwanted litters
  • Do not license their pets


Berrien County Animal Control works hard to:

  • Vaccinate animals: a veterinarian can give animals shots to control the spread of diseases, such as rabies and distemper.
  • Operate shelter and adoption programs, to protect and find homes for unwanted animals.
  • Enforce ordinances, such as leash laws, laws governing vaccinations and humane treatment.
  • Sterilize animals: A veterinarian can spay females and neuter males to prevent the birth of unwanted litters.
  • Educate the public, and make the community aware of animal control problems as well as ways to solve them.
  • Protect and control domestic and wild animals, when necessary.


Animal Control helps the community and assists in many situations. 

Cruelty Investigation

Animal Control officers may remove animals from unsafe or unhealthy conditions, and enforce laws governing humane treatment of animals. They begin legal action against negligent and abusive owners.

Complaint Investigation

Animal Control officers investigate complaints of noisy, destructive or threatening animals. If necessary, they humanely remove the animal and may write a citation, or begin legal action against negligent and abusive owners.

Animal Rescue

Animal Control officers use their special knowledge, resources and equipment to help find and rescue lost or trapped animals.

Animal Quarantine

Animals that bite are located and captured to make certain that they’re not carrying disease and to protect the community from future attacks.

Animal Ambulance

Animal Control officers transport injured animals (including wild animals) safely and humanely to the appropriate animal care facility.

Wildlife Rescue & Control

Animal Control officers use their skills to protect and capture wildlife that are in danger or present a danger to the community.