Propane Tanks

Recycle propane tanks at the following locations. Fees may apply. Call ahead for details.

  • Ceres Solutions Coop: Corner of M-140 & M-62, Eau Claire, 269-461-4222. 
  • Co-Alliance, LLP: 16724 Bakertown Rd., Buchanan, 269-695-6823.
  • Exit 4 Storage, Inc.: 8911 US 12, New Buffalo. 269-756-8911.
  • Padnos - Benton Harbor Division: 1410 N. Paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor, 269-927-1030. Valve must be removed or tank cut in half.
  • Padnos - Redbud Division: 15565 Walton Rd., Buchanan, 269-695-6804. Valve must be removed or tank cut in half.
  • Place of Purchase: when your gas grill propane tank is no longer serviceable, ask at the place of purchase if they with take the tank for recycling.
  • Red Arrow Transfer: 3960 Red Arrow Hwy, Benton Harbor, 269-983-5050.