Hearing & Vision Screening

Did you know that it is a Michigan State Law that all children entering Kindergarten need their hearing and vision screened before school starts? This program provides free hearing and vision screenings for pre-school and school-aged children in schools throughout Berrien County. Because they have nothing to compare it to, young children can have hearing and vision problems and never even know it. Children entering school with undiagnosed hearing or vision problems will often have trouble learning, including reading or hearing teachers’ instructions. To avoid these problems and make sure that children entering school are ready to read, listen and learn, it is important that their hearing and vision is screened by a professional before entering kindergarten.

Medicaid Eye Doctors

View a list of eye care providers (PDF) in Berrien County who accept Medicaid health insurance.


Pre school and school-aged children are scheduled for individual preliminary hearing and vision screenings. The Berrien County Health Department provides several options for free public pre-school/Kindergarten screening clinics throughout the spring and summer months. Call 269-926-7121 for more information on upcoming clinic dates.

Due to COVID-19, public hearing and vision screenings will be offered on a limited basis and by appointment only. Please call 269-926-7121 to schedule an appointment for your child’s ears and eyes to be checked.

Hearing & Vision

  • Preschool
  • Young 5s
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Third Grade
  • New Students to Michigan

Vision Only

  • Fifth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Ninth Grade

Contact Information

  • Benton Harbor Office Technician: 269-926-7121, ext. 5292
  • Niles Office Technician: 269-684-2800, ext. 6525