When Filing a Claim

Plaintiff must have the following when filing a claim:

  1. The filing fee (see fee schedule)
  2. The fee for certified mail, if service by mail is chosen (see fee schedule)
  3. Defendant's full, correct name and current address
  4. Exact amount of claim and dates the claim arose
  5. A short, complete statement about the claim. Include why the defendant should pay the claim and proof of the exact amount owed.
  6. Two copied sets of any papers you have to support the claim (receipts, bills of sale, invoices, guarantees, accident reports, leases, repair estimates)
  7. If filing by mail, the plaintiff's signature must be notarized.

By law, court clerks must remain impartial regarding any claim filed and cannot give legal advice. However, the clerks are able to answer questions about how to complete the form and file the claim.